1) Simply open our carabiner clasp by pulling the clasp apart on one of your bracelets

2) Use this to link through the chain link on your second necklace

3) Shut the clasp shut

4) Do the same for the second bracelet to link to your other one

Size Combinations

Please be aware of our chain sizes when creating your desired necklace. Different chains will sit differently on your neck depending on the thickness of the chain. The thicker the chain the longer it needs to be to sit nicely on the neck.
Please take this into account when buying more than one bracelet for a modular necklace.
We recommend referring to the size chart below for minimum total lengths:

Minimum Bracelet Size Combinations Length (CM) Length (Inches)
Screw Chain Bracelet
Small x Large 35.6 14
Medium x Medium 35.6 14
Bond Chain Bracelet
Medium x Medium 39.4 15.5
Hype Chain Bracelet
Large x Large 40.6 16
Medium x Extended 41.3 16.25
Chain Combination Examples
Medium Screw x Medium Bond 37.5 14.75
Medium Screw x Medium Hype 36.8 14.5
Medium Bond x Medium Hype 38.7 15.25

Find your modular necklace chain length

Below are a few examples and suggestions of bracelet combinations that work really nicely as modular necklaces:

Our Recommendations: Modular Combinations
x1 Screw + x2 Screw Doubled Up
x2 Screw Doubled Up + x1 Bond
x1 Hype + x1 Bond
x1 Bond + x1 Bond + x1 Screw attached from the side
x1 Hype + x1 Hype
x1 Hype + x1 Hype + x1 Screw attached from the side

Where your necklace will sit

Please refer to the sketch below for a rough estimation for where your necklace will sit. Please remember to combine the total lengths of the bracelets of your choice to get your total length in inches.

Styling or Sizing Question?

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