Twist + Play

Our rings reimagine the traditional ring as an interchangeable, transformable piece, designed with an industrial edge.

Simply twist and play with the bands to reveal all gold, all silver or a two toned look.

Hang // Wrap // Stack //

Our rings can be worn with the bands stacked on one finger, spread across several with the chain hanging, or wrap the chain to create new looks.

With moveable semi-precious stone annulets and customisable wearing options our 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 rings offer almost endless creative versatility.

Reversible + Two-Toned

Our reversible two-toned hoops allow you to switch effortlessly between silver and gold, embellished or plain, encouraging individuality through versatility.

Lightweight with a hollowed construction, our earrings are handcrafted for all-day, everyday comfort whilst keeping that bold look and feel.

Interchangeable + Transformable

More than just a pair of earrings, their transformative and interchangeable design means you can reimagine the ways you wear them again and again and again and again.

Modular // Made To Build

All Phoria bracelets are modular, meaning made to build. Carefully designed, any length, finish or style variation of chain, will achieve a perfectly proportioned and stylistically seamless build every time.

Personalised Styling, Versatility + Creativity

Designed to encourage personalised styling, versatility and creativity, our chains can be worn alone or combined and recontextualized over and over again through our signature carabiner clasp system giving you freedom to build a uniquely customised necklace.